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New Year Fanfare: Passing, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) conducted by Kenneth Young (Atoll Records)
Zingaro: A Violin and Piano Recital, Mark Menzies and Dan Poynton (Wai-te-ata)
Ixion's Wheel: Chamber Music II, Various (Wai-te-ata)
Hihi & Hoshi no Hayashi: Love's Nature, Helen Webby and Pepe Becker
Urwachst: Sound Barrier, Auckland Philharmonia (NZ Geographic/SOUNZ)



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Zingaro perf. Giselle Hillyer—University of Auckland, 15 August 2014
Rangitoto perf. Gemma Lee—University of Auckland, 2014
Lautari perf. Miranda Adams—University of Auckland, 30 April 2014
A Wild Sea for the Crossing perf. Claire Scholes & David Kelly—University of Auckland, 22 November 2013
In the east, to the right perf. Baroque Voices—Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington, 16 November 2013
Hoshi no Hayashi perf. Pepe Becker—for Chiyo-ni-Japan, 14 August 2011, supporting earthquake and tsunami victims
Hoshi no Hayashi perf. Ika S Wahyuningsih—Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Contemporary Music Festival, 26 October 2008
The Frivolous Cake perf. Linden Loader, Alexa Still, et al—Victoria University of Wellington, 1991



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